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Dostoyevsky wrote ‘Crime and Punishment’ as a satire on the “revolutionary” ideas of Nihilism that was spreading quickly among the Russian radicals of the 1800s. In this work, he tried to paint a picture of the consequences of indulging in strange and incomplete ideas alien to Russian thought-system.

-Manjushree Hedge

Both the Iliad and Odyssey were originally in verse in a style of Dactylic Hexameters. This follows from the oral tradition prevalent in those times and it is held that they were written down sometime around the 8th century BC. The story is in the form of a narrative, from the point of view of one who is relating true events.

– Sayan Mukheryee

The novel begins with the protagonist Edmond Dantes, a handsome young sailor who is about to be married to his beautiful fiancée, Mercedes. Dantes is also soon to be made the captain of a ship and thus the future for him seems very promising.

– Hala Hassan
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